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April, 2003


April, 2003
May - August, 2003
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April 3-6, 2003
Midwest Podiatry Conference
Chicago, Illinois 
Contact MPC staff office at:
(312) 427-5810


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Podiatry Links

The Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Offers online continuing education courses 365 days per year, 24/7. 
Software from the Foot and Ankle Research Consortium, Inc, will assist you in passing most podiatry board certification exams. Versions include: ABPS (Surgery foot, ankle and leg, including re-certification), Primary Podiatric Care, Podiatric Orthopedics, PMLexis (Boards Part III), and the APMSB tests. Our firm has been producing software since 1995, for more than 2,248 podiatric clients. The software is available though our FARC Direct program. For more information, please visit our website: