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May - August, 2003
September - December, 2003
Podiatrists' Home Pages


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Welcome to this web site!

All information is provided by the organizers of the conferences or seminars.  Podiatryconferences is not responsible for any errors that may occur.  Individuals are requested to contact the organizers directly for more information. This web site was designed and is maintained by Stephen Peslar, BSc, DCh, CPAD -also available for consultation to help create free home pages with pictures/graphics for your practise.
Please e-mail pertinent details of upcoming conferences, seminars or workshops that may be of interest to podiatrists, chiropodists and/or foot specialists.  Include name, date, phone number(s), and if possible, an e-mail address and a link. 
The aim of this web site is provide accurate and current information. 
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The last page of this web site is for podiatrist's practise web sites.  You are welcome to submit your URL.

Please get in touch to offer comments, suggestions or to submit your home web page.

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